Rainforest Canopy Tours

Canopy Tours are one of the most popular activities in Costa Rica. Explore the rainforest on an experience/education based tour or pump up the adrenaline on on a adventure/entertainment zip-line. Although there is some overlap you'll want to choose one that emphasizes your expectations.

Adventure & entertainment canopy tours often have little to do with the rainforest canopy and are more akin to an amusement park ride. Comprised of zip-lines, and rappels the thrill is the attraction. Zip-lines are cables that descend from the treetops, or one side of a ravine to the other. Riders don climbing harnesses and ascend to the start of the ride on ladders, then clip onto a pulley and rocket down the cable. Rappelling is a vertical descent on a climbing rope.

The goal of experience & education based canopy tours is spending time in the rain or cloud forest canopy, exploring this unique environment. These tours also sometimes utilize rock climbing gear and techniques in addition to ladders, bridges, and chairlifts or gondolas.