Travel Insurance Policies - Cancellation and Medical Emergency Coverage and Benefits

PLEASE Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance

People expect no refund, no exchange, no transfer policies for things like airline tickets, cruises, or booking events like baseball games or the theater, but sometimes mistakenly assume that the transportation, activities and lodges for their Costa Rica vacations can be easily changed or cancelled. They cannot.

In Costa Rica reservations typically require 100% prepayment.  Most reservations are not refundable.  Changes depend on availability (when allowed at all) and usually entail significant fees.

These policies are set by the individual lodges, canopy tours etc. and we have no control over them.

You will not receive repayment for missed nights lodging, unused transportation, un-ridden horses, un-zipped ziplines etc. as a result of changing your mind, illness, missed or cancelled flights, airline strikes, etc. unless you buy travel insurance.

How and Where to Buy Travel Insurance

We are not an insurance company.  Please see these independent providers below or google “travel insurance”.

Insure My Trip is a BBB registered insurance comparison site that shows rates from a number of companies like Travel Guard and Access America. We do not receive commissions or any other kind of payment from these companies. We recommend travel insurance because we have seen a number of people burned by the unexpected when travelling without it.

It helps to have an idea of what it costs to insure your trip.  Costs and coverage vary by company and your age (when emergency medical coverage is included) but, for example, we found quotes from $148 to $362 to cover the $4,222 total cost of a two week trip for two 50 year olds.

The lowest cost plan had the most basic coverage and most limited valid reasons for cancellation and the highest cost plan was of course more generous and flexible.

Cost of Trip $4,222 $4,222
Cost of Travel Insurance Plan $148 $362
Cancellation $4,222 $4,222
Interruption $4,222 $6,333
Emergency medical/dental $10,000 $50,000
Emergency medical transportation $50,000 $1,000,000
Existing medical condition cancellation $4,222 $4,222
Accident   $50,000
Baggage $500 $1,500
Baggage delay $100 $500
Trip delay $150 $1,000
Travel company goes out of business $4,222 $4,222
Collision/Theft Rental Car Coverage   $50,000
Electronic/Sporting Equipment Coverage   $1,000

All of the plans valid reasons for claims include death, injury, birth and illness for the travelers and immediate family members; air travel problems due to weather, strikes etc.; and some oddballs like jury duty and your house burning down.

Only ($345) included “We just decided not to go” as a valid reason for cancelling, but others include reasons like “Required to work” which could probably be substituted for “we changed our minds” in a pinch.

What We Can Do to Help

If you cancel early enough we will give you a partial refund (regardless of whether the lodges or activities refund us).  Please see “Cancellation” on the Travel Policies page for details.

In case you miss or modify part or all of your Costa Rica vacation we will help you with the insurance process by providing you with a summary statement of the non-refundable items from your vacation and the total non-refundable amount paid to us for insurance purposes.

We will e-mail the statement to you and your insurance provider as a pdf attachment free of charge.

We will fax the statement to your insurance provider free of charge.

If a hard copy is required we will send the statement to one U.S. address via 2 day priority mail with delivery confirmation free of charge.  If additional mailings or addresses outside the U.S. are requested we reserve the right to charge a service fee.

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