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Reviews Toucan Maps Inc. (MapCR.com) & Pacific Trade Winds on Trip Advisor
We get excellent reviews from travelers and destination experts on TripAdvisor and other travel sites.

"I promised to report back on my experience with Toucan Maps [mapcr.com] and Pacific Trade Winds after our trip and I can happily say they were great. The hotels were all lovely and the excursions were all great. I'd happily use this Costa Rica based agency again." — vrhodes

"These folks are wonderful--exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. Everything I arranged through the agency (hotels, tours, transportation) went off without a hitch.

I'm already planning a return trip to CR, and I will definitely be using this agency again." — Rebecca_SD

"The only hiccups in our trip were the 2 days on the front end which I attempted to book myself, the remaining 8 nights booked by Meghan at PTW were flawless. In addition, Meghan took the time to email me some suggestions for beaches and restaurants that thankfully were not in Fodor's so we were able to get away from fellow tourists a couple of times." — vrhodes

"Also can vouch for Toucan Maps Inc. [mapcr.com] Have met the owners, lovely couple, very reliable." — coopermays - Destination Expert

"www.mapcr.com [Toucan Maps Inc.] is a good company, have used them in the past...you should have no problem..." — qwovadis - Destination Expert

Etc. etc. etc.

And we won't complain about free publicity, especially since it's good, but TripAdvisor is strange and should be used cautiously (read more...).

Most people assume TripAdvisor is unbiased but that couldn't be further from the truth. It is an advertising and marketing tool promoting Expedia.com. Anything that does not help Expedia make money disappears from TripAdvisor very quickly.

Some of the reviews are honest, interesting, and useful. Some of the reviews are fabricated by professionals who are paid by hotels (or by marketing agencies hired by the hotels - the hotel owners don't necessarily even know about it) to improve their rankings or drive down the competition.

If you want to find reviews for our company you have to look hard and often. Because we compete with Expedia, travel services like Toucan (mapcr.com and Costa-Rica-Guide.com) are not allowed listings in the directory. If a traveler does post a review in the travel forum they are generally deleted by the moderators.

We're not complaing. They own the web site and have every right to delete the competition, and we're not saying not to use TripAdvisor (especially since their users recommend us so highly), we're just saying use it with caution.
Toucan Maps Inc. - Costa Rica Guide is a U.S. based corporation whose main objective is to provide useful information and planning assistance for travelers including publishing the best map in print and the most current, informative and helpful integrated map, directory and information website available for Costa Rica.
Pacific Trade Winds S.A. is a Costa Rica based company whose main objective is to provide exceptional value for full service planning, no nonsense prepaid reservations and in country client support for worry free private vacations in Costa Rica.

In order to provide full service to travelers each company is independently owned and operated because there are some things a U.S. company just can't do in Costa Rica and vice versa. Each company is certified by the appropriate business and travel quality assurance organizations (see details)
Better Business Bureau, Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and other certification seals