We Will Put You on The Map

We're always happy to add hotels, restaurants or activities to the map of Costa Rica.

Toucan Map's websites get millions of visits a year and we never charge to include your information.
put your hotel, restaurant or activity on the map get on The Costa Rica Map
Typically each map marker shows up on multiple collection pages based on region, category and price range. Each listing on mapcr.com has a "home" page showing a map of the location, photos, a description, symbols for quick reference of the features and amenities, contact information, prices, and a text link to their website.
Provide us with a little info and we'll create both a unique "home" page highlighting your location, features and automatically adding the other attractions in your area (see example) and a marker in the main Google map database for your region (see example).

We need to know where you're located. If you can provide GPS coordinates that's easiest, otherwise describe your location relative to some major local landmarks and we can probably figure out where you are. Just let us know if you need help.

We need to have something to say and show about your destination. We've been to thousands of spots and might have something on file and we collaborate with Beatrice Blake the author of the classic guide "The New Key to Costa Rica" for information on others.

If you've got a promotional package you can send it to us or we can use photos and text from your website with your permission.

If our site is good enough that you'd like to be included it's good enough to recommend. Please add a link to mapcr.com on your webpage. Something like <a href="http://mapcr.com" alt="travel map of Costa Rica" title="travel map of Costa Rica">Costa Rica travel map</a> is fine.

Featured Listings

No, this isn't where we ask you for money.

To maintain the objectivity our visitors expect we never charge for listings.

We're a tiny map and information company and we spend several thousand dollars for two months of research travel in Costa Rica each year. However, we can't possibly budget enough to try every hotel, restaurant or activity in every location.

If you believe you're highly recommendable and would like to offer us a complimentary room, meal, or tour of your attraction, e-mail us and let us know. We'll do our best to stop by and get to know you better and pass along an honest interesting review.

--Ray & Sue, Toucan Maps Inc.