Toucan Costa Rica Map Reviews

Sue and I could tell you how much better the Toucan Waterproof Travel Map and online resources are than the competition, but fortunately we don't have to. There are hundreds of independent reviews saying it so much better than we ever could.

The 3rd edition of the Toucan Waterproof Travel Map outsold (see ranking) every other Costa Rica title (not just maps, all the guidebooks too) at Amazon since it came out and the new 4th edition is continuing. Our reviews there show why.

We strive to match the great quality of the map with our shipping and support. The 99.9% positive independent service reviews at Google Checkout show we've succeeded. doesn't have a category for ranking maps, but if you search Toucan Costa Rica Map you'll find adjectives like "best", "fantastic", "cool" and "indispensable".

...and, we get tons of e-mails from travelers who love our maps. Read a few below...

Waterproof Map
Detailed Description

We've been recommended by the best guide books. The original eco-guide to Costa Rica (The New Key) has partnered with us for maps that show their incredible community based tourism projects, and Lonely Planet has put us on top of their list of internet resources for the sixth year in a row (page 26, 9th edition Costa Rica Country Guide 2011).

Customer Comments

I bought your map for our Costa Rica trip in March and it was fantastic! It was far better than the one our tour operator had, so he used our Toucan map! Our trip was very enjoyable and your map was appreciated by everyone, including our guide. We saw close to 300 birds, and I added 128 to my life-list.
—B.H., Bracebridge, ON, Canada

We're telling all our Costa Rica bound friends about your map. It was so useful to us, especially compared to what else is available! My husband and I have been going to Costa Rica for 30 years. This time we chose to do three weeks of beach hopping and were surprised at the totally bumpy road conditions. Your map helped plan routes more efficiently and provided confidence to wander the "back roads"!
—M. H., New York City

A MUST if you are going to drive in Costa Rica. The maps from the rental companies lack detail or are non existent. I have been using mine for over a year and I would not go to Costa Rica without. It's the first thing I pack.... ,
—from review—J. Alfaro, Jorco, Costa Rica

Just got back from 2 weeks in Costa Rica. Your map was GREAT! It got doused by a leaky waterbottle before we even got off the plane in San José, and it still stayed together for the whole trip. It totally saved us in San José proper, and was very easy to follow for our cruise to Quepos, then up to La Cruz.

Your website was extremely helpful in planning our trip. Everything you had to say about the roads and the drivers was absolutely true. Thanks a lot! Pura vida,
—Diane, Boulder CO

Brilliant. Awesome cartography by the way. Practically art. When I first opened the map I was trying to figure out by what people meant by a waterproof map. I was going to have my wife laminate the map when I noticed the map wasn't really wearing thin in the creases like a typical map. Then I realized that it really is a plastic map, not just laminated. Brilliant. Now I just have to figure the best places to hike and ride next month.
—T.L., Florida

Once in a while one comes across a product that really stands out. Something that tells you "someone really gave some thought to this." This map is one of them. It is a comprehensive and well designed map with more information than just highways of Costa Rica. Every time you unfold it, it shows you a complete section of information.
—from review

The CR-map has arrived here on Friday and we are now busy studying its plentiful geographical information. So far this map gives better details than any other CR map we have seen.
Thank you so much.
E.L., Germany

[I] want you to know how great the map is that we bought from you. We went off into the boonies but felt as if we knew where we were from the detailed
map. You guys are awesome. Will pass the good word along.
—S.H., Arizona

I got your map... WOW!!! ... this is really great, well done. Seriously, this is a cool map! I love the material, and from what I saw, it is VERY detailed. In fact, you are the only map I have seen of Costa Rica that has the road between San Pablo de Turrubares and Orotina! All the other maps show no road, while it is a great road in real life!
I can put a link to your online site on our webpage, as a recommended map of Costa Rica. Also, when I get an opportunity to recommend a map I will always recommend yours. Pura vida,
—Neta T., Owner-La Finca Que Ama, San Pablo de Turrubares, Costa Rica

Do you publish maps for any other countries? You certainly should. A map format like yours is a real gem! helpful for amenities and attractions along the way… Your format is so unique, it should be copyrighted.
—Keep up the great work!

[Editor's note—it is copyright protected, and sorry but we concentrate on getting it right for Costa Rica, and don't publish for any other countries.]

This is cool now my clients finally have a detailed map to find the place!
—B.W., A lodging owner, Costa Rica

It is a work of art!! Very logical on the folding too, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Actually, I LOVE it. It is a functional, classy, useful, must have item for anyone traveling to Costa Rica. Or, for that matter any upscale Costa Rican.
—J.A., Jorco, Costa Rica

We just got back from Costa Rica. We had 4 sets of maps in our car and yours was our main map. My wife and I were struck by the major inconsistencies between maps, especially the free ones like from Europcar rental car. We had others, but yours is much more accurate.
Your map has a more emphatic classification of road types (major vs. minor vs. dirt). This is welcome and very helpful.
Thanks for the great maps.
—R.L., USA

[I received] your map yesterday. It is truly superb! If you would like to create a 'special' of some kind, I would be happy to recommend this map in my newsletter. It is EXCEPTIONALLY good.
—Scott Oliver,

Your Costa Rica Map is FANTASTIC!!!
I am a Tourism Teacher avid adventure traveler. I am most impressed with your new Costa Rica map that just arrived. It is so thoroughly researched and organized. It gives an excellent overview of the national parks, preserves and other local highlights at a glance.
—D.P., Canada

I went to Costa Rica with two maps in hand and hopes of backbacking around the Pacific Coast. Like Vermont, Costa Rica can be rather wet. Within two days of hiking, the first map was torn and soggy. The second map was like it was out of the box. I can't stress the importance and practicality of a waterproof map enough. I found this one to be accurate, detailed and above all, higher quality than I've ever experienced. It was a pleasure to order from Toucan guides as well and I've purchased an additional map for my brother.
from review—C.O. Patten, Vermont

Ok, so you might need a guide book and a bird book as well but this map goes a long way to provide a Costa Rica map and guide book wrapped into one. I would have paid $100 for this map twelve years ago just for the information about paved roads, something that most map makers are reluctant to include since those roads change so quickly in a place like Costa Rica.

Indeed, I headed off to San Jose in March of 1993 with my bike in a box and only a vague idea of road quality around the country. My trip went fine and I discovered some pretty interesting unpaved roads as well. But you are always at an advantage when you have current information. And this map has it as of January 2005 (and should be good for 3-4 years).

Besides current road quality and surface status Krueger-Koplin has included detailed listings and locations of beaches, parks, reserves and refuges, butterfly gardens, canopy tours, fresh water fishing locales, surfing and scuba schools and more. How many times have you found yourself trying to plot all these locations on a map from your guidebook? This already has it done for you. As far as I know no other Costa Rica map goes this far.

Headed out on your bike or bird watching in the cloud forest? Not to worry. The "polyart" (plastic) this map is printed on will withstand afternoon downpours, morning drizzles and bike grease as well. This map isn't perfect but I've not seen anything comparable for the active traveler to Costa Rica. Just wish I'd had it twelve years ago. . .
from reviews—R. Price, Colorado

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to comment or review the Waterproof Travel Map and MapCR website, and especially those of you who've offered corrections and constructive criticism so we can continue to improve!