Your Costa Rica Trip

Creating a trip couldn't be simpler. Click an "add to YOUR TRIP" button on any lodge, resort, activity, adventure, restaurant, museum... anything... and you're on your way.
   When you see this button just click to add the Costa Rica location to Your Trip

Viewing Your Trip

Once you've added a few destinations click the "Your Trip" link in the top left corner of any page of You'll see a map of Costa Rica like the one to the right, with marker pins in each of the locations you've saved.

Click any of the markers to open the information bubble, and click the link in the info bubble to go to the detailed description of that destination.

Save your Costa Rica travel plan

If you'd like to save and share the places you've chosen for your Costa Rica vacation click on the "Save Trip" link. We'll ask for your e-mail so we can identify whose trip it is in our database and provide support if you have questions.

That's the only thing we use your e-mail for. We don't sell it or send you advertizing. We detest spam.

Share with your travel companions

After you've saved your trip you can e-mail it to friends or family by using the "Send Trip" link. They'll be able to see the same map of hotels, restaurants and activities.

If you want them to be able to change your trip, just tell them your password and ask them to use your e-mail address to login.

Get more information

Our background is as authors and cartographers in the information business. Unlike most travel sites, we aren't trying to force you to buy anything from us.

We include phone numbers, websites and e-mails for the places we describe so you can get information or book hotels on your own. You can even send the trip you've built on our site to any travel agent in the world and ask them to book it. Obviously we're not motivated by commissions!

If you're not up to the challenge of do it yourself and want to work with the best at the fairest prices we've developed excellent relationships with the best travel professionals, adventure providers and tranportation companies in Costa Rica so you can get professional consultation, a quote or book your trip.

Print an itinerary

The print button in the lower right corner of Your Trip page reformats the locations you've chosen into a printer friendly page with contact info and gps coordinates.

Search for locations you know

If you know some or all of the places you'd like to visit on your travels use the search field in the left column to find them by name. The search results show up in both list format and on a map.

Find things nearby

Know you want to stay at the Kioro Hotel near Arenal volcano, but you're not sure what to do while you're there? The right column on every detail page (Kioro example) has nearby restaurants, activities, adventures-and just in case the Kioro is booked up-other recommended hotels nearby.


Get a quote or book your trip

If you would like a quote for your trip just click the "Quote" button on Your Trip page. Personal guides, private transfers or a rental cars are also available.

You can use a toll free number or request that an English speaking agent call or e-mail from Costa Rica to answer your questions.

Consult with an expert

Creating a trip just takes a few clicks, but creating and coordinating a great trip takes an expert.

Beatrice Blake wrote the book on Costa Rica. Literally. The first and still the best, the "New Key to Costa Rica" has sold over 400,000 copies and she still researches and updates it personally.

She knows more about Costa Rican ecotourism, community and conservation than anyone else I've met in fifteen years of travel there and believe it or not she'll plan your trip for you. Click on the consulting links found throughout the site to schedule a call.