Updated for 2010, the PDF Atlas (shown below) is a collection of over 60 pages and 50 maps covering the whole country at 1:400,000 scale plus street level details for popular destinations.

It is included as a free bonus with every Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica we sell (order here) or if you don't need a print map you can purchase the PDF Atlas download separately for $4.95.

Toucan's PDF maps are perfect for use on the go. After loading on a computer, laptop, PDA, or portable device you can search and zoom instantly to more than 3,000 locations and businesses—without an internet connection or cell phone signal!

You can also print out pre-formated and indexed pages for the regions you're interested in.

Many people have told us it's the main tool they use to plan their visit to Costa Rica

PDF Atlas of Costa Rica


An overview of Costa Rica's roads and a dozen regional PDF maps for popular destinations make up the core of the atlas, but specialty maps like the ecological zones are also popular with birders and wildlife watchers, and everyone appreciates the climate and weather information.