Cabinas Miss Junie

Tortuguero, Costa Rica

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Each room has its own pastel color theme, with walls and bed linens that blend harmoniously. The tiled bathrooms are impressive. Miss Junie gained fame over the years as the cook at the CCC, and now has her own restaurant. If you want to sample her cuisine, you must let her know in advance so that she can give your meal the preparation it deserves. The hotel arranges transportation from San Jose and nature tours. When the CCC puts radio transmitters on the turtles, it gives each turtle a catchy name and includes the villagers in the events around the turtle’s release. A few years back, one of the turtles was named in honor of Miss Junie. Unfortunately, the reptilian “Miss Junie” swam up to Nicaragua and wound up in someone’s stew pot. After the researchers found out what had happened and recovered the transmitter, the CCC put out press releases to draw attention to the plight of green turtles in the Caribbean. The real Miss Junie and her kin were phoned for weeks by people expressing their sympathy for poor Miss Junie, who had been captured and eaten in Nicaragua’s Miskito Cays. The transmitter was attached to another turtle, Miss Junie 2, who luckily did not suffer the same fate as her predecessor, at least during the life of the transmitter.

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Double occupancy from $40

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phone: (506)2709-8102, 2231-6803

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