Marino Las Baulas National Park

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Marino las Baulas de Guanacaste Tamarindo/Playa Grande National Park has a history nearly as long and convoluted as its name. For thousands of years leatherback sea turtles that hatched at Playa Grande have returned to lay their eggs.

Their numbers have dwindled over the decades. The first of settlers used their meat and eggs to supplement their diet but probably had little impact on the population. When the market for turtle eggs as an aphrodisiac moved in the nest raiding became more serious, but the real problems came with commercial harvest as an ingredient for factory baked cookies, and finally exportation to Asia as a delicacy.

Tourist dollars have provided the impetus to protect these impressive creatures, and egg harvesting has been nearly eliminated, but the numbers continue to decline. Adults being caught accidentally and drowned in shrimp and fish nets account for most of the current attrition.

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