Barra Del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge

Barra Del Colorado, Costa Rica

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At 92,000 hectares, Barra Del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge is the second largest in Costa Rica. If you fly to Barra, you’ll see its importance. Everywhere between the Central Mountains and the Atlantic Coast, the land looks like an animal whose pelt has been shaved in large patches. Bright green spots littered with fallen trees finally give way to the beauty of the rich coat of billowing, dark green treetops extending north into Nicaragua. It is a great relief to see that this one expanse of virgin forest has been saved. SINAC (National Conservation Areas System) operates on a shoestring budget, with too few poorly equipped guards to patrol this huge area and to keep its monkeys, sloths, jaguars, and birds safe from hunters and loggers. Because Barra is traditionally known as a fishing area, it is less crowded with naturalists than nearby Tortuguero, but its lagoons and streams offer just as many opportunities to commune with nature, often in a less regimented way, at least at this point. Researchers estimate that the reserve has 700 different kinds of orchids.

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The nearest town is Barra Del Colorado, 14.6 km away and Barra del Colorado Airfield airport is 15.4 km.

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