Mundo Insectos

Santa Elena (Monteverde), Costa Rica

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Take the guided tour, in English or Spanish, and explore the thirty terrariums, butterfly garden, and other exhibits. Live species include the most venomous spider in Costa Rica, the largest beetle in the world, and the most resistant spider web spun by an arachnid.

Since they first appeared 300 million years ago insects have been the most successful animals on earth. There are some 2.5 million species known to scientists. Sometimes strange or scary looking, other times beautiful and outrageous, the Mundo de Insectos - Insect museum offers visitors a chance to better observe and learn more about these amazing animals.

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phone: (506)2645-6859

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The nearest town is Santa Elena (Monteverde), 0.7 km away and Aeropuerto Arenal airport is 32.4 km.

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