Giving Back - Contributions

A few years ago when we set up the Costa Rica bookstore we were scrambling to pay the bills and every little bit helped. Now the Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica is successful, and we have decided to donate the profits from the bookstore to community and conservation efforts in Costa Rica.

How it Works has a program that pays commissions to websites that recommend books and other products. Your price is the same whether you go directly to Amazon or click through our page, but if you click through our page and buy the product (or any other product on the same visit - go ahead get that new Big Screen TV) Amazon will pay us a few percent which we will donate.

Not for profit bookstore

How you can help

Between 5% and 8% of very purchase you make through the store will be paid as commission. Based on previous years we hope purchases in excess of $32,000.00 will raise at least $2000.00 for donation.

If you'd like to help even more you can encourage others to make their purchases here by tweeting a link, adding it to your facebook page or website or just telling them about how they can contribute at no cost to themselves.

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100% of the proceeds donated to non-profits

We're still deciding where the money will do the most good, but it will probably be split between a community project that mainly benefits the people of Costa Rica and a conservation project that mainly benefits the wildlife or rainforests of Costa Rica (and of course benefits the people indirectly).

When we make the first donations some time late in 2010 we'll post here about who and how much.

If you have a suggestion please feel free to use the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page to let us know where you think the money could have an impact.

We mean every penny of it!

This is not some sort of slimy trick to profit from your purchases. We're not charging an "administrative fee," taking out web hosting costs, or keeping back some of the commission to pay for the time this all takes to set up and maintain. Toucan Maps Inc. and Sue and Ray are donating all of that - every penny of commission that Amazon pays on your purchases through the web store will be donated.

Of course we can only donate the money that comes to us so the guidebook authors, Amazon and the publishers are still making money, but we don't have any kickbacks set up with them either.

We're just giving back a little and offering you the opportunity to do the same at no cost.