Toucan Maps Inc. (, & Pacific Trade Winds Costa Rica S.A. Travel Policies

In this document the word "you" means mean you, the client(s) requesting a trip, "we" means us, the company booking the trip and accepting payment.

We are not responsible for any missed or canceled hotel stays, tours or transportation, delayed or canceled flights, weather, natural disasters, mechanical failures, political strife or health problems. We recommend purchasing travel insurance from an independent provider to cover the cost of the unexpected. It is also a good idea to check coverage with your health insurance provider and purchase separate overseas coverage if necessary.

Unless otherwise specifically stated all prices quoted are per person based on double occupancy accommodations and include the described vacation with all sales tax, turismo tax, service, credit card processing and bank transfer fees. Travel plans begin and end in Costa Rica and prices do not include international airfare.

There is an international departure tax of $26 per person which is not included as part of this trip nor in most airline tickets and must be paid by you in person at the airport before checking in for your flight home.

A Note on "All Inclusive"
We're not sure who came up with the phrase "All Inclusive" but whoever it was created a lot of confusion. Of course it's impossible for any vacation to actually include absolutely everything.

You could be on the nicest "All Inclusive" cruise in the world but if you walk up to the bar and request an unopened bottle of eighty year old Courvoisier VSOP you'll be charged extra for it. Gratuities are almost never included. You may want to stop by the local Mercado and buy a papaya, and of course the vendor won't let you "charge it to your room," and the local guy that rents surfboards on next beach over will have the same response, "cash only please."

Since there's really no such thing as ALL Inclusive and we arrange trips where some of the destinations (usually the beaches) are inclusive and others are not, our policy is to try to let you know as clearly as possible in advance what is included.

We are not trying to fool you into thinking you're getting more than you paid for, we're trying to help you plan a great vacation in Costa Rica. If you ever have any questions about whether the price includes something, please ask.

  • Each trip summary shows the number of meals and other specifics that are included.
  • We do our best to emphasize all optional activities and meals by stating "optional" and displaying them in italics.
  • At resorts, included meals are typically from a fixed menu or buffet style and specialty restaurants and room service are generally excluded.
  • When alcoholic beverages are included, there are always "top shelf" choices that cost extra.
  • Gratuities for guides, drivers and other service personnel are not included.
  • International airfare or other transportation between Costa Rica and your home is not included.
  • The airport departure tax of $26 per person is not included
When you request changes to a vacation it will change what is included. For example if you choose to replace an activity that included lunch with one that does not, lunch is probably no longer included on that day. We will do our best to point out these "hidden" changes when they occur.

Unless otherwise stated children are defined as under 10 years old. Prices quoted for children are based on one to two children triple occupancy or quadruple occupancy in the same room as their parents.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa & MasterCard phone payments through our Costa Rica office

  • Toll Free from the U.S. or Canada (866) 816-0197.
    From other countries please e-mail us and schedule a time when we may call you.
  • Within 24 hours of completing the phone transaction you must complete and online Echo Sign authorization form.

We accept direct bank transfers. This isn't as daunting as it sounds please contact us if you'd like instructions and routing numbers.

American Express and Discover Card payments incur a surcharge of 3.5% please contact us for assistance with these cards.

Government Taxes
We are not responsible for changes in government taxes. The rate that you have been provided is based on current government taxes. If the government changes tax policy prior to your final payment, the new tax rate will be applied to your final balance and will be based on your entire purchase price (not only the final payment). Remember, we are a travel service. We cannot control government regulations and have no way of predicting them.

You may pay in full at any time to guarantee your reservations.

  • Reservations made more than three months in advance may be guaranteed with a 25% down payment followed by an additional 25% payment 90 days before arrival and payment of the remaining balance 60 days prior to arrival.
  • Reservations made between 60 and 90 days in advance can be guaranteed by a 50% down payment and payment of the remaining balance 60 days prior to arrival.
  • Reservations made within 60 days of arrival must be paid in full.

If you choose a down payment you may also choose to authorize automatic credit card charges for remaining balances when they are due. We will contact you by e-mail (and phone if you specifically request us to) to remind you if you have an outstanding balance due but it is your sole responsibility to make sure the payments are made.

If any payment is not made within 7 days of the due date the entire trip will be canceled and you will be responsible for the fees and penalties described in the section below entitled Cancellation.

Your trip/reservations will be canceled if you request a cancellation and obtain written confirmation of cancellation or if you fail to make any scheduled payment within 7 days of the due date.

If the cancellation occurs

60 days or more before your scheduled arrival we will refund the amount paid minus $200 per person.

  • between 30 and 59 days before your scheduled arrival we will refund any payment exceeding 50% of the quoted trip cost (you forfeit 50% of the total cost).
  • between 14 and 29 days before your scheduled arrival we will refund any payment exceeding 75% of the quoted trip cost (you forfeit 75% of the total cost).
  • 13 days or less before your scheduled arrival you will not receive any refund and may be responsible for any unpaid balance due (you forfeit 100% of the total cost).
If we make a reservation for you that is not part of a vacation package, our cancellation policy is superseded by stricter end providers' policies. In other words if the hotel or tour providers' policy denies a refund you will not receive a refund.

Changes and Rescheduling
We will do our best to accommodate date or time change requests to your confirmed reservations. If we can make the changes we will charge you a flat fee of $20 per person per change plus any difference in the cost of the hotel or service.

Responsibilities & Agreement
We are not an insurance company and cannot be held responsible for costs associated with changes, cancellations or unused accommodations or services due to any reason not directly caused by us including but not limited to: flight delays or cancellations, natural causes, rain, thunder storms, tornado, hurricane, fire, theft, flood, land slide, flat tire, automotive problems or health problems.

Please contact a travel insurance provider to obtain coverage.
We are not responsible for any injuries (including death) while riding in any conveyance arranged by our company, or on any tour arranged by our company. You agree that there are inherent risks to travel, and agree to hold us blameless for any loss experienced while traveling.

We reserve the right to change hotels, tours or transportation based on availability to hotels, tours or transportation of equal or greater value without notice. In the case that this cannot be provided, the client will immediately be notified of available options.

By authorizing us to make your travel arrangements or by making a payment to us, you agree to be bound by the above stated policies, terms and conditions.

Why is it so expensive to cancel or change?
Once you confirm your trip and make a payment to us we make bank transfers to the individual hotels, lodges, transportation providers, rental agencies, activities and adventure tour providers to pre-pay and absolutely guarantee your reservations.

Most people plan well in advance for international travel so if you change your plans less than 60 days before your arrival it's likely that the room you decide you don't need or the tour you're too tired to take will go unused.

Additionally there are non-recoverable costs for the time spent planning and booking your reservations, bank and credit card transfer fees, documentation and confirmations.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us help you plan the perfect trip so you won't want to make changes later and buy travel insurance to cover cancellations or changes necessitated by emergencies then have a great vacation in Costa Rica.

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